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Presidential Policies At The Hand Of A Signature

If President Obama’s policies are to blame, I think most are missing the big picture besides simply a few nuts and bolts.  In fact if you ask someone who is irate about President Obama’s policies, they have very little if any evidence to support their claim.

Typically in reference to Presidential policies simply pertains to foreign policy and the policy of the party, they become the leader of their party.  It’s very hard to analyze such a claim, on the other hand unless you are specifically involved in the corporate world being regulated by the President’s policies.

But duly noted that the President’s most effective policies are in public affairs, after all he is the Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed forces, which also allows the President foreign relation policies, of how we represent ourselves to the rest of the world, this is probably the single most effective tools that the President of the United States has within his direct power, after that it is mostly left to interpretation.

To Obama’s credit on diplomacy, has been rather immaculate with major issues, the kind that ordinary people concern themselves with i.e. theIraqandAfghanistanwars, or such foreign policy as the stance taken with Libya.  Aside from ending the Iraq war, winding down the Afghanistan war, and keeping to his word with Libya, Obama has been honest with the American people, and true to his word with the American people.

To any other Presidential contestant, foreign affairs is not something that they typically have involvement in, in fact ever unless they held a cabinet position such as Secretary of State, therefore they have almost zero credibility in foreign affairs.  As Commander-in-Chief, the President’s correspondents of the military offer strategic plans to position, and effectively execute the will of the President.

So from the Romney campaign when you hear the President is “weak” on foreign relations, understand that it is coming from a place of discontent and admiration of executive power.  The Romney campaign currently has over two dozen former Bush advisors in the Romney campaign, how can one even expect an attack of character on foreign policy that doesn’t amount to anything more than the description “weak”.

So really from a Mitt Romney presidency we can all expect more of the same.  Obama has in fact provided real fundamental change in the way the world views our motives, principles, and stance.  Let’s hope that the rest of America feels the same on November 6.


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