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A Conversation with Supporters of Ron Paul…

The names in this post have been changed to protect the ignorant..

Me: lol whatever

Joe Blow: Bush was not much better the Obama…and Romney sure won’t make any changes that will help….voting for either is a vote for more unemployment, higher gas prices, more wars and more debt….Dr. Paul will cut the debt, give us a budget that cuts $1trillion per year,bring our troops home, and end the Federal Reserve and inflation….

Me: he really just talks a big talk has failed to produce anything substantial…nothing laid out

Joe Blow: For whom Eric? If you are speaking of Paul, you need to do some research….he’s the only one that HAS laid it out there!

Me: not really.. would love to see the link to the bill he has either endorsed or co-written indulge me

Joe Blow: Look it up yourself….that’s what I did.

Me: please…i don’t follow him, and it’s hard to follow him because no one credible backs him

Billy Bob: That’s the problem, Eric. You wouldn’t watch a video of Dr. Paul or read anything about him. The only way you can really know the truth is to examine both side, listen to them, CHECK OUT WHAT THEY’VE SAID OR DONE.

As for what Dr. Paul HAS done, he has kept other politicians straight. They call him “Dr. No” because whenever the others are trying to pass something unconstitutional, he votes no. He also reads the bills they are trying to slip in. As for Obama, if you would follow up on what he SAYS he is going to do, you will find his does exactly the opposite. But you haven’t heard but what he said he was going to do.

Joe Blow: try starting by typing his name in the google search, then follow the links, as many as you would like. …you will find what you are looking for. We want you to look it up so that you know for yourself. If I give you what I like, then it’s… just “me” telling you. When you find your own info, you will believe and join the revolution! The worst thing they can say is he’s not main stream…hell no he’s not….he is for the Constitution….the rest of them trash it!

Billy Bob: And the bought and paid for media deliberately blacked out his popularity so no one would know how popular he is. But you are without excuse because if you really wanted the truth you could find it and when you did, you would be glad. If you did, you are exactly the type who would fall in love with Ron Paul as MILLIONS have. But you will never know because you don’t really love the truth.


Evidently Eric hasn’t heard of End the Fed. One of the reasons the majority of politicians hate him. He will turn the country around, not as Obama promised his followers he would do then trashed the country, deliberately driving the nation into a debt we can never possibly pay back. Your daughter and her children and their children will be paying off this debt this man has created for us. That should give you pause if you would even look into the truth of it, which I seriously doubt you will because I suspect you are comfortable believing the lies you’ve been told.


For example, everything the poster says is true, but you CHOOSE not to believe it, nor will you even check it out for yourself to see if it is true or not.

Joe Blow: Well, if we continue to elect the same problem candidates, we will eventually have to get out of our comfort zone…we will all be without work, food or shelter!

Billy Bob: Sorry I’m so rough on you, Eric, but my patience runs short with people who are too lazy to find the truth as I and many other have done.


We will be facing some very rough times in the days ahead. There will be much trouble, hunger, and strife. Times that will make the Great Depression look like a picnic. Not saying Obama is the creator of it as he is only a puppet, doing …

the bidding of those behind the curtain, so to speak. That is why they fight Ron Paul as they do. They know if he should get in, he would set their plans back 50 years or more, just by ending the Fed. They CANNOT let that happen.

Me: I am not denying that the poster is false information, however, it is cherry-picked and incredibly misleading, and also distorts reality. Congress does the budget, it’s not by tyrannical decree and it’s passed for the next fiscal year, not…current so the first year Obama took office was on Bush’s Congress’ budget where spending increased, according to Forbes, “a whopping 17.9%”. Which when the government was close to being shut down, was Congress’ fault and the current Republican-controlled Congress’ fault at that. Assuming that you can remember back 4 years ago, he took office at the peak of the recession/depression and actually unemployment went even higher than the 8.3% unemployment up in the 9%, which you will be happy to know I do realize that, that number is relatively false and is about 5% more than that as people fall out of the job market everyday. I wouldn’t even address the debt, but I have to for Ron Paul followers. Regardless of whether or not it will be paid back actually does not really matter so much, what really matters is whether our growth as a country does not surpass our future tax receipts, which due to social security, welfare, unemployment benefits, SNAP, VA, etc. The credit rating of course had to do with Congress’ inability to function as well as make spending cuts that would make a difference. The unemployment weeks statistic actually happened under Bush, but it had not happened because of the peak of the crash so yes that number better be larger under Obama considering January was the highest job-loss month of the recession/depression, which after the recession, of course more people stayed unemployed for longer because of it. What you say about Obama doing the exact opposite of what he said and what the mainstream media says is actually stupid in ideology…you are assuming that the media is conspiring, and that is abruptly false. So let’s see, Watergate happened, and was almost not uncovered by the media, and that was under the President, so you’re saying that there is some scandal by thousands of people in the media and zero people are talking about it? Here’s the deal with Ron Paul for that matter. He talks a big talk, but as for his plans of HOW to end the fed; I’m still waiting. It’s one thing to say end the fed and you believe him. But you probably don’t understand the real reason that he wants to end the fed. It’s because interest rates are so low and the government is making loans, so effectively inflation goes up, but it is the boards decision on what to set the interest rates at. The idea is that the housing market will see improvement and investments because the interest rates are so low. Regardless of what you want to do with the Fed there is no credible solution provided by Ron Paul to ultimately end the Fed and ‘return us to the gold standard’ as I know he wants to me I’ve heard all of it before, and this idea is not only nuts, it’s dangerous with the current state of our is not as if this is going to provide confidence to consumer spending, investing, or the housing market. Also, tell me how Ron Paul as president plans to get something like that through Congress, any Congress at that, you will just end up being disappointed unless he does something unconstitutional and uses executive order in this matter (something you have been very very upset about in the past). And then, as I assume he is a man of his word, how much do you think he is actually going to get done by vetoing the majority of bills sent to his desk? I mean really… So please, explain to me again, what is Ron Paul’s plan to end the Fed…that is merely a goal, but it is not a plan.

Currently waiting for a response, to be updated..


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